What people are saying about Carly's Compass...

Andrea Tsitsilianos, Nurse | Mother of 2 | Wife of US Air Force Major

"Carly is a literal lifesaver and has turned my life around in the best possible way! My health had taken an unexpected nosedive with a clot that had developed (I’m 38 years old). After initial treatment, I knew that I needed to consult with a nutritionist so that I wouldn’t need to take prescription medication anymore. I needed to take control of my destiny. Carly is a great listener who took the time to create a specialized “get well” plan by balancing my overall nutrition, vitamin intake, exercise options, and mental well-being. By following our plan, I feel great and genuinely feel like a rejuvenated person now! I completely trusted in her guidance because it’s obvious that she knows all the medical intricacies, requirements of a healthy body, and lives by example by doing what she preaches. Her personality is uplifting and motivating, so I recommend that you meet with her and you’ll feel at ease that she will give you the attention and expertise that you deserve!"

Megan Decker, Marathon Runner/Cyclist | Mother of 2 | Commercial Banking Client Rep

 "I was so excited to hear Carly started “Carly’s Compass”! I thought “what a great way for Carly to use ALL of her amazing talents! I am so proud of everything she is doing.

Carly has been a great impact on me both mentally and physically. She inspires me daily to workout harder, eat better, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Since I started working with Carly, I have been able to get better performance, than ever before. Her knowledge on both pre-workout and post workout supplements alone, was a game changer. Since using what I’ve learned from Carly I’ve knocked 20 minutes off a half marathon, putting me under 2 hours.

Carly blows my mind on the daily with her amazing (healthy food) cooking skills."

Chrissy O’Malley, Director of Retail Store Operations at City Brew Coffee

"Carly’s Compass has made a huge impact on my health needs! 

From getting started with some good vitamins, guidance on proper nutrition and looking at fitness in a new way, she has been amazing from Day 1! I have more energy, I’m sleeping better, and feel confident about what I am putting in my body. 

I travel a lot for work, and she has worked with me to get a plan together that is easy for travel. Now, it’s just automatic and so easy! 

I would recommend her to anyone looking to jumpstart a healthier life, or just re-adjust a bit. 

She is easy to talk to and helps to put a program together for each individual person!"

Ashley Yoerger, Medical Billing Analyst

"Without a doubt, Carly is my go-to health and wellness specialist! She’s a wealth of knowledge, compassionate, and full of positive energy. As someone who is overly critical of themselves, I love conversing with Carly because she celebrates the little successes. She relates and shares in my experiences and struggles before providing valuable tips, tricks and feedback. I know she truly believes that healthy living can and SHOULD be FUN. And with her support and guidance, so do I. Thank you Carly for helping me start my journey to a healthier, happier life!"

Randi Sherman, Owner of Lashes by Randi

 "Aside from how beautiful and genuine this girl is, she is extremely smart ! She seriously has always had an answer to any nutritional questions I have had.. her knowledge on nutrition is extensive. She goes above and beyond to help you get to your goals no matter what they are. She will find alternatives or help you break down any sensitivities you may be having and get to the root of it! I could go on for days about her. She is 150% an all around amazing person I highly recommend her!"

Jennifer Rogers, Owner of Williams Contracting and Legacy’s Mini Aussies

“Carly Cares .... Could so be another name for this lady and what she does. Carly has helped me with specialized nutrition and different health issues, she loves what she does and it shows in each relationship. Her passion is helping others achieve their goals with compassion and excellence. Choosing Carly to journey through nutrition with, will be a choice you will give thanks for. "

Bill Sherman and Janet Haworth, Owners of Sherman Construction

"Knowledgable. Sincere. Caring. Empathetic. Energetic. Carly strives to understand each client's goals to lay out a plan for success.  She genuinely has a heart for people which drives her passion for educating us in mindful steps toward healthier minds and bodies. This woman is on fire!”

Stephanie Bigler Coates, Marathon Runner | Mother of 2

 "I love Carly and everything she stands for. I've worked with Carly exclusively when she was at Nutrishop. She really was interested and invested in not only my goals, but my passion behind them. Once she learned what I was about she bent over backwards to help me. And not just with my health, but with questions and concerns with networking and reaching people. 

Carly I felt became a friend who's concern was always my best health for my family and I. I would recommend Carly's expertise and insight to anyone who wants a genuine experience,and journey to better health with a person who will journey with you."

Rene Creed, Owner of RC Studio Salon

 “I didn’t get started with things until Wed but I’ve had you here with me every day reminding me to watch my times and makes sure I stay on track…you are helping me even when you’re not here with me… I am trying to follow exactly what you planned for me, so it’s going good!”

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