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An introduction to Carly, straight from the heart:

Hi, my name is Carly Williams, Founder of Carly's Compass where we navigate food and life for a happier healthier you!

I am a dog mom, dark chocolate aficionado, lover of all things outdoors and a lifetime learner. I am also a Certified Sports Nutritionist, Life Coach and what I call a Functional foodie (emphasis on fun).

If you can't find me in office with clients, I'm likely at a community event, experimenting in the kitchen, or lost on a trail or in a book.

Over the past 15 years, my personal connection with food has evolved from scarcity, to dependency, to curiosity, then passion and now purpose.  

For this reason, I am currently pursuing an additional certification as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) to provide you with evidence-based tools in achieving your optimal health. Made possible by identifying specific nutritional needs we begin designing a protocol to correct imbalances and restore function. We achieve this through nutrient dense, properly prepared, whole foods and bio-individual supplements when needed.

Looking back, growing up around drag racing and classic cars, the concept of “fueling our tanks” came to me one day and I began seeing my body as a high performance machine. What I put in is what I would get out, right? 

Unfortunately, my tastebuds were developed by bowls of sugary store brand cereals, chocolate Twizzlers and Kool Aid, many years of canned Spaghetti-Os, TV dinners and whatever barely edible items I could access at the cafe. I felt my body ride this roller coaster of energy and crashing, then intense craving and brain fog to boot. 

Like many people, my constant companion throughout decades of sports, career and recreation were convenient driven, high calorie, yet low nutrient foods. 

I started to make this connection between sugar, stress and relentless fatigue, lack of motivation and focus and daily headaches.

Through my pursuit of delightful foods, flavor, and health, I became more aware of how sugars and stress affected me (and began to see it in others). I dove into reading, research and cross referencing. It started to make sense. 

I began making some nutritional changes and, not surprisingly, felt much better. 

This reinforced my notion that there had to be more to brightly colored packaging and excito-toxins than what was advertised on the inner shelves at the super market. There had to be a correlation between my grandparents raised on hamburgers and milkshakes and the twenty-three medications they took every day. 

Fast forward to now. 

Through the experiences of travel, other cultures, food philosophies and traditions, eating rituals and education I gained an appreciation of alternative ways to do things, or rather EAT things. Food is something to be celebrated and enjoyed, not just used as a discretionary tool to get us down the next quarter mile of our track.

Finding my purpose in food and helping others feel their best, meant I planted my own garden, which later flourished into a colorful community garden. I worked with disabled veterans and gained insight on perceived limitations and our profound ability to overcome them. I spent years working with supplement companies to better understand specific nutritional compounds. 

Developing programs and curriculum to teach nutrition classes of all kinds to corporate groups like Costco and UPS, as well as local Food Banks, from specialized nurses to middle school students, provided invaluable experiences. These experiences contribute to my unstoppable passion in helping others achieve greatness through nutrition.

This wellness path sails from education in the classroom setting to a person-centered root cause wellness plan in office. I am thrilled to collaborate with the incredibly talented healthcare and wellness practitioners, food suppliers and farmers in our area in a collaborative mission to bettering our people, one plate at a time.     

Gathering around a single concept of well-being in a little thing called, community.

Why do we do this? To connect and fortify meaningful relationships and provide custom wellness plans for a BIGGER picture of vitality and longevity for you!

I am proud to provide services specializing in sports performance and recovery, custom weight optimization meal plans, cooking tutorials, identifying and working to overcome mental and relational impacts of stress on our diets, achieving goals despite convenience-based lifestyle, and guidance in achieving success by having accountability and support along the way. 

I look forward to the opportunity to journey with you, setting our compass on happiness and health!

“This is the only body we’re ever going to have, 

so let's eat like our life depends on it!"

With Gratitude and Gumption,

Carly Williams

For recipes and nutrition tips, join me on a FUNctional food joyride on social media @carlyscompass.

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